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Packing Tips

Residential Relocation Service

BSC Moving Services one of the best residential moving companies in Bahrain. We will take care of your residential and office relocation products. Safety of your products is our priority. The common mistake that people do while relocating is they try to move their stuff by themselves, which results in damaging goods most of the times. However, it is incovenient and dangerous. BSC Moving Services, Bahrain have a prefect and systematic planning that will make your local moving successful and ends up all in a cost effective manner.

Packing Tips

BSC Movers have expert packers that can be arranged to pack your entire home, one or two rooms, or offices. Below are some advices that may come in handy while doing relocation.

  •  Pack One room at a Time.

  •  Pack a couple cartons a day, starting well ahead of the move.

  •  Clearly mark all boxes, designating the room it will go into and the contents of the box.

  •  Pack as much as you can in box. The more ‘Loose’ stuff that we move the more time it will take on your move. Try to pack everything so its just ‘ Furniture and Boxes’

  •  Try avoiding small boxes, they take time to move.

  •  Pack cartons fully, don't leave them half packed.

  •  Freezers - try to use up most of the frozen food. if there is remaining food, place it in bags or boxes in freezer until it is ready to be moved.

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